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RvTrips delivers useful comments, tips and great photos of Australia. In fact, you will see photos, photos and more photos! RvTrips wants to give you a virtual tour, a visual treat of what you will experience while visiting towns and special locations in Australia. Photos say a lot and may help you decide on your next holiday destination.

We all have different travel needs and agendas. Age, time available, finances, experience and family factors will influence what places we find interesting or important. For example, we like:

  • exploring regional Australia,
  • visiting natural wonders,
  • talking to locals and fellow travellers, 
  • supporting local businesses,
  • spacious caravan parks,
  • clean amenity blocks,
  • sampling a tasty treat from the local bakery,
  • enjoying a well-made coffee,
  • exploring the local markets, and of course
  • having a beer at a local pub.

We mostly stay in caravan parks, others prefer free camps or staying in National parks. They are all great experiences. For these reasons, we have tried to include a broad range of locations, photographs and videos to help you decide on where to go and what to see. In fact, we now have in excess of 27,000 photos and videos waiting to be included in RvTrips. We are adding new towns and data to the site every day.

Jurien Bay WAWe believe you can make better travel plans if you can easily find quality information about a location. This is why we are including 1000's of photographs, videos and comments about places you may want to visit. We hope it will help your decision-making process. As you may imagine, this is a time-consuming process. We want to get it right so that you get the best quality, most up to date, information possible. 

We think you will be happy with the results.


Why not join us?

We would love you to join the RvTrips community and start adding your comments to places and reviews. We are sure our users would appreciate your thoughts and feedback on experiences while travelling around Australia. You can join us by registering HERE.

What are they doing?

We often feel that many RV, caravan and travel magazines have lost the advertising/real content balance. They seem to fill too many pages with advertisements and paid 'feature' editorials which do not give their reader's accurate feedback and useful information for making travel decisions. We think you deserve better. 

Our approach

We spend considerable time researching places to stay and products to use. We continually evaluate tourist destinations, vehicles, camping and RV related products. We feel that this experience is the best way to offer fellow travellers, unbiased, real world feedback on products, companies and places to stay. 

If we like a product or company, we are more than happy to promote them on RvTrips. We are also happy to deliver criticism when deserved.

We hope that you find our experiences and comments useful.

The future

Kununurra WAEventually, website content will also be contributed by those who join RvTrips. Registered users will be able to post new content (descriptions, photos, video and documents) about places they visit and experiences they have while travelling around Australia. You will be able to maintain online travel diaries, create bucket lists and add your own great ideas to our travel Tips section.  All contributions can be made public or private. Registered users will be able to share private content with other selected registered users and with other social media sites.

We all benefit

El Questro WAWe hope visitors to RvTrips experience an accurate, up-to-date account of what holiday makers can expect while travelling around Australia. RvTrips' goal is to contain honest, real world information, photos and videos that will help you decide where to travel. Experience the best Australia has to offer. Compiled by people who travel to regional Australia AND pay for their own holidays.

RvTrips, read unbiased comments about places to see, accommodation and tours.

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